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Border Area Midwives is a collective of midwives and community members on the US/Mexico border, encompassing Southern New Mexico, West Texas, and Northern Chihuahua. We are working to support childbearing people and families in making informed and respected choices around pregnancy, birth, and parenting by:

  • Ensuring everyone knows their options and rights when having a baby, in any setting and with any    provider.

  • Supporting people and families in accessing their options and choosing the place and provider that feels safest and most comfortable for them.

  • Growing options for people and families by creating a vital and supportive midwifery community across national and international lines.

  • Providing continued educational and professional support to local midwives for safe and sustainable practices.


Our members include independent and group practice midwives, home birth and birth center midwives, long-time, new and student midwives, and other members of the community who believe that midwifery care makes birth and families safer and stronger.

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